Bankruptcy is a stressful time for families.  The very idea of needing to file bankruptcy can have a negative impact on friendships and jobs, if you are need of bankruptcy, you need to setup an appointment to begin the process.  A common misconception about bankruptcy is that the person filing is "running" from his/her debts or that the debtor has given up.  That is simply not true.  Bankruptcy is a plan, and the ability to file for it is one of the few specific legal items our founding fathers included in the Constitution.  Our founders lived in a time when people could be put in jail for their inability to pay their debts.  They recognized that good people fall into hard times and that further punishment is not the answer.

If you believe you qualify to file bankruptcy, please make an appointment to discuss your situation with me.  I will explain the differences between the various chapters of the bankruptcy code and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

We have all experienced the stress of financial troubles. Bankruptcy was created to reduce that stress and allow us to focus on getting back on our feet without the added pressure of extra fees, higher interest rates, non-stop collection calls,  and civil lawsuits.  Once you hire me to work your bankruptcy, all of those pressures will soon come to an end and you can focus on starting over and following the particular plan that is created.

Call today at 706-96Jones to set up an appointment (or use the online scheduling system) for a bankruptcy consultation.  There is no charge for your initial consultation as long as it last under 30 minutes, which a vast majority of them will be.

-Jeremy E. Jones

P.S. Many people ask me if they can file bankruptcy on their own.  Yes, you can. It is not advised.  The paperwork can be complex, and a mistake could make you ineligible to file.  The whole point of filing bankruptcy is to reduce your stress.  There is no need to add even more stress.  When you hire a lawyer to file your bankruptcy, you are paying for peace of mind and ensuring it is done correctly, otherwise what is the point of even filing?