If you or a loved one need a criminal defense attorney, I know the extreme stress in which you now find yourself.  You likely have many questions right now, and I know you want them answered yesterday.

You can set an appointment with Jeremy Jones immediately.  You are welcome to use the online scheduling system, but I am betting you want to meet sooner than what might be found there.  Therefore, I ask that you call the office immediately and tell the person you need an appointment to discuss a criminal matter.  You will get an appointment as quickly as absolutely possible. Even if that means late in the evening, during lunch, or even working you in between other appointments.

There is never a charge for our initial consultation.  Because of this, please understand that it will be kept brief.  While I completely understand you will want to tell me every single detail of your case, I do not need all of that information right away.  We will discuss the charges made by the state, the current stage of prosecution, and bail/bond if applicable.  After that I will let you know if it is a case I am willing to take and will give you time to decide if I am the right fit for your situation and budget.

If you decide to hire Jeremy Jones, we will immediately file notice with the state.  If your loved one is incarcerated, we will make every effort to visit him/her within 24 hours.

Call my office at 706-96Jones to set up an appointment.  You may also use my contact form found on my website if your matter is not yet of an urgent nature.

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