Employment law can involve a wide array of issues. Both employers and employees can benefit from hiring a lawyer to handle the issue.  Issues such as Worker's Compensation or discrimination in hiring can be straightforward, or extremely complex.  The challenge is knowing into which category your case will fall.

Jeremy Jones Law Office can handle the issues from either the employer or the employee side.

Employment law has an entirely different set of rules than other parts of the law.  Your time to file a claim will expire sooner than other claims people might have outside of the employee relationship.  It is imperative to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to ensure no filing or notice deadlines are missed.  A simple search of court records will show many cases where an employee was denied a claim because of missing one of the deadlines.  I should note; few of those deadlines seem reasonable or logical to me, but, my opinion is meaningless!  I only mention it to emphasize how short some of these deadlines are and how important it is that you contact an attorney right away.

Likewise, employers have reporting requirements and deadlines. Some of these are virtually unknown outside the legal and/or human resources fields.  Therefore, if you believe there is a chance an employee may have a claim against you, contacting a lawyer right away can ensure you do not get more fines added to any monies you may owe the employee.

Whether you are an employee or employer, please contact my office at (706)96Jones to set up an appointment for your free consultation or use the online scheduling system.