Family Law can be some of the most rewarding times for lawyers and also the most stressful.  There are not many things better in life than being there when an adoption becomes final. 

But Family Law also includes divorce, custody modifications, protective (restraining) orders, and a whole host of other things none of us wish to experience in our lifetime.  But, the fact is these things do happen, and they happen every day.

Whether it is a divorce, a custody issue, or other aspect of Family Law, I realize how important your case is to you and your family.  I take this responsibility seriously and will take the time needed to understand how you came to be in this current situation as well as what your goals of an acceptable resolution might be.

There are many reasons for divorce, and attempting to list them all here will be futile.  What is important is that you contact a lawyer right away if you have decided divorce is the best option for you.  Consultations for divorces are one of the few occasions where I insist on charging a small consultation fee.  The reasons for this are not important but will be explained to you if desired.  To setup an appointment for your consultation, please call my office at (706)-96Jones (or use the online scheduling system).  The consultation fee is $100 and must be paid upon arrival to your appointment.  If the consultation fee is completely unavailable to you due to abuse or other circumstances that are the fault of your spouse, an exception will be made, just let my office know when you arrive.  

Remember, even if you do not hire me for your divorce, everything you discuss with me and/or my staff will remain confidential.  For that reason, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire before you meet with an attorney.  Certain answers on that questionnaire may disqualify my office from representing you. If that is the case, we will not waste your time and, of course, will not accept your money.