Not everything a lawyer does falls into a neat little category.  That is why I have added the section "General Practice."  Lawyers do a lot more than just argue guilty or not guilty in court.  There is more than just filing for a divorce or defending a breach of contract lawsuit.  Lawyers are paid to think of all possible outcomes, prepare for the ones that will be bad, and develop plans to maximize the chances that the good outcomes are the ones realized.

If you find yourself suddenly in the media spotlight for any number of reasons, contacting a lawyer can ensure your rights are protected.  If your family experiences an untold tragedy, having a lawyer at the ready will allow you to focus on your family issues instead of the possible consequences of saying or doing the "wrong" thing in your time of extreme stress.

If you have an issue you think may be helped by hiring a lawyer, or at least having one ready to be hired, call my office at (706) 96Jones (or use the online scheduling system) to set up an appointment.  ​I look forward to meeting you soon.