Personal injury is where attorneys get a bad reputation.  The term "ambulance chaser" is derived from an actual practice of attorneys in the past. (Most states now strictly prohibit lawyers from directly initiating contact with injured parties for a period of time)  Cheesy commercials and silly jingles aside, the truth is if you have been injured by another party, you are entitled to just compensation.  Lawyers argue over that amount, and I can all but guarantee the party responsible for the injuries will have a lawyer (or one hired by his/her insurance company). As such, it only makes sense you have one as well.

The vast majority of victims do not want to "strike it rich" because of some minor injury.  almost everyone only wants to be compensated for the fair expense of their injury.  What many victims often forget is the loss of future earnings.  There can be hidden injuries that do not present themselves until months later.  A lawyer will work to reach a fair settlement that take all of these issues into consideration.

It is also important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.  Needed evidence or witnesses are harder to find as time progresses.  A lawyer will work to preserve all of your possible claims.  You may later choose to not pursue all of them, but that should be your option based only on your desires, not because a witness has moved across the country or a particular condition has been changed due to repair or construction.

When you call my office concerning your personal injury claim, we will immediately begin gathering needed information and notify the proper parties to preserve documentation that will later be needed.  For instance, there may be a video of your injury on a security system that is set to be deleted every 7 days.  If we do not send proper notice to them to preserve that video, it may be gone forever and preclude you from your legitimate claim.

Call 706-96Jones (or use the online scheduling system) to set up an appointment.  When calling, please mention it is a personal injury case.  If your condition prevents you from coming to my office, we will work out an online interview, or I will come to you.  Most personal injury cases are worked on a complete contingency basis, which means there are no up-front fees to be paid by you and most/all fees are waived if we do not collect.  Certain restrictions do apply, but in no event is there a charge for the initial consultation. During that initial consultation I will determine the exact fee structure for your case.  Please note: "No fee unless you win or collect refers only to fees charged by the attorney.  Court costs and other additional expenses of legal action usually must be paid by the client.  Contingent fees are not permitted in all types of cases."