Small Business Legal Subscription

Are you a small business owner?  Have you ever just needed to ask a lawyer a quick question? One of the advantages of the Law being my second career, I know first hand the daily challenges of owning a small business.  I remember being faced with a situations where I thought I should ask a lawyer a quick question.  Yet, I knew to be able to do that, I would need to put one on retainer and the ones I consulted all wanted $1,500-$2,000 for that.  My brief question would have taken maybe 15 minutes time tops, meaning at $250 an hour, it would have taken me 32 such little questions to use up the retainer.  At the rate of one, maybe two, questions per month, that means it would have taken over 2 years to use up the money! 

That is why Jeremy Jones Law Office offers a low cost solution to this challenge.  With my small business subscription package your small business pays a low monthly fee, less than $25, which gives you direct access to me for your quick questions. 

This service will not take the place of proper in-depth legal analysis of issues.  If you are sued by someone, this service will not take the place of hiring a lawyer to handle the lawsuit.  The best way to explain what it might be used for is to give some examples. 

What should you do RIGHT NOW if someone falls at your place of business and breaks a leg? What factors go into determining if you must honor a request by an employee for time off under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  What if a customer sends back your standard contract with a minor change to it, is the change worth arguing?  

I could come up with dozens more examples but I think you get the point.   

The subscription also includes a newsletter with relevant articles and best practices for the small business owner.  Twice a year there will be a summary of the new state laws and regulations that are set to go into effect. (Each late December and June)  

It also includes up to two collection letters each calendar year.  Should a collection action be required to go to “small claims court” (Magistrate) subscribers get a set fee to make it affordable to go after those who have not paid for your services. 

When your subscription starts you will get the email address dedicated to subscribers only.  When you send a question through that email it will be read by me, or my staff, within 2 hours.  In most cases you will get an answer within a couple of hours.  If the question asked is one that requires more in-depth analysis and/or research or otherwise falls outside of the subscription, you will be notified of that and provided an estimate of how much time will be involved and what other information will need to be provided.  We can then set up a time for a consultation.  Of course, this initial consultation is always free of charge. 

Please use the contact form on the webpageto set up an appointment to learn more about this service and determine if it is a right fit for your business and situation. I look forward to meeting with you.