One of the most important decisions one can make when starting his/her own business is hiring a lawyer to help with the setup.  Yet, the fact is most people skip this step and attempt to do many of things on their own.

Almost every lawyer will confirm that when a small business comes to him/her for the first time because of some pressing issue, the fee that must be charged is much higher than it would have been had the business hired the lawyer from the beginning.

As a small business owner, you excel at your craft and should maximize your time doing THAT, not trying to determine the difference between an S-Corp, LLC, or P.C.  You should be networking and marketing, not worrying if you properly set up your IRS trust account.

That is where I come in.  I have personally owned two businesses before I became a lawyer.  I understand the challenges facing a small business owner, and, frankly, I've made many mistakes in the past that many other small business owners also make!  When we meet to discuss your business I will learn your goals, your current situation, and your industry.  Whether it is setting up your LLC, drafting contracts, or any other aspect of starting your business, I can take away all of the tedious work off your desk and allow you to focus on growing your business.

Call my office today to set up a consultation at (706)96Jones (or use the online scheduling system).  Consultations for starting your  (or recently started) business are free for up to one hour.  Please mention you need a consultation for your small business so that I have the proper information ready to share with you when you arrive.

However, if you already have your small business but now wish to hire a lawyer because of a pressing legal issue or to be prepared should one arise, I can help your business as well.  I can handle lawsuits, Worker's Compensation claims, employee issues, vendor contracts, and most other aspects of running your business.